We think we know what’s important to online shoppers of hammocks and we hope that you’ll enjoy browsing the website. We know that you want your hammock fast so we keep stock in the UK and are sending over 90% of products listed out on a next day courier service for cheap or even free. If we need to send something from Ireland it’s put on a 48 hour delivery so you won’t wait too long.

We know that if you need to return a product then you don’t want to have to send it abroad and if you want to call us then it shouldn’t be at international call rates. We have a UK returns address and a UK landline number for you to get straight through to us. 

We realise that not everybody has two perfect trees in their gardens so we go heavy on solutions, lots of stands, wall hooks, rope kits and stuff like that.

The main thing though is that when you buy from us you’re buying from a company that specialises in hammocks. We know what we’re talking about and we don’t sell rubbish. If the product isn’t suitable you have two weeks to return it to get a refund or change it for something else.

Righto, grab the bottle of Pimms and you can watch the croquet from your new hammock.

Ticket to the Moon Hammock