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Why Sleeping In a Hammock Is Good For You

Sleeping in a Hammock

- Jean catching a few winks in a Ticket to the Moon Double Hammock

You would think that spending thousands on a mattress with the latest technology and promises will assure better sleep and the end of lower back pain - but in both cases, science is on the side of a technology so many years older – the hammock. Here are the reasons why sleeping in a hammock is good for you and why you should buy a hammock for yourself.

Get Rid of Back Pain

We spend one third of our life asleep, so where you sleep is going to have a very real effect on how you feel from day to day. A flimsy mattress will provide you with insufficient back support, while a very firm one could place undue pressure on specific parts of the body, most notably your neck and lower back. A hammock, on the other hand, is intended to flex and stretch in a way that conforms to your individual shape and weight, reducing issues with pressure points and allowing your body to slide into the optimal position. 

Fall Asleep Faster 

Scientists have done a studies comparing the way normal people fall asleep in a steel bed compared to one that slowly rocks back and forth, just the way a hammock does. In each case, those who were rocked from side to side fell asleep faster than those with a firm or rigid bed. The gentle rocking back and forth that you get from sleeping in a hammock has been shown to synchronise brainwaves leading to a deep sleep quicker.

Deeper, Healthier Sleep 

Sleeping in a hammock has also been shown to promote a deeper and healthier sleep. In the same research, the participants who were rocked from side to side achieved more frequent and longer periods of REM sleep that is vital to restoring health, improving your brain’s processing power as well as waking up more rejuvenated and rested. 

Better Breathing and Better Circulation

Research also shows that the best position for sleeping is on your back with the neck raised at a 10 to 30 degree incline. This position opens your air passageways for easier, better breathing and improved amount of oxygen which reaches your brain and other body organs that is essential to bringing back your cognitive functions and restoring sore muscles. This is another good reason why sleeping in hammock advisable. This position also makes easy circulation, leading to faster healing times as well as an immune system that could operate at its full capability, fighting off existing illnesses and at the same time preventing new ones from occurring. 

Buying a Hammock: Things to Consider 

The best hammock for sleeping is big two person hammock without a spreader bar and a typical open weave. Try the Ticket to the Moon Double Hammock in a shade that matches the decoration of your bedroom. The additional width of a 2 person or kingsize hammock will let you stretch out diagonally. The more of an angle, the flatter you will lay, until you get the most expedient position for you. Try sleeping in a hammock and experience a relaxing and better sleep.